Preparing for Dissertation Defense: Total Guide

After spending hours, days, and months writing your dissertation, it is now time to prepare your final dissertation defense. This is the last academic requirement before submitting the dissertation paper, and the student is awarded a doctoral degree. It is an oral examination, and the student needs to prove to a group of scholars an in-depth understanding of their dissertation. During this session, members of the examination committee get an opportunity to ask relevant questions about the research, and as a student, you must be prepared to answer accordingly. That is why this article highlights practical tips you can use when preparing for the dissertation defense. Read on to understand better.

Best guide on preparing for dissertation defense

When you have an upcoming dissertation defense, use the following tips to prepare adequately before the time for presentation reaches.

1. Know what is a dissertation defense

Before you start the preparations, you should first understand what a dissertation defense entails. Once you are sure of the contents to include in your defense for presentation, you can plan your timing well and arrange your ideas for easy presentation. It could be a bad idea when you start your presentation only to get stuck in the middle, not knowing the next move to take. So, before the actual day, ensure you understand what is dissertation defense and all the contents involved.

2. Research different dissertation defense questions

Since there will be a session for asking questions, you need to get ready and understand how to answer such questions. Therefore, before the day, research any possible questions the committee members are likely to ask and research the best responses to such questions.  

3. Know how long is a dissertation defense

Before the presentation day, you must plan your timing well. In most instances, the dissertation defense takes at most two hours. Within this time, you should present your research concept and answer any relevant questions from the committee. However, depending on your field, the timing can vary but be on the safe side; time yourself within two hours.

4. Ask a professional how to prepare for dissertation defense

One thing for sure is that there are professionals who have done the similar assignment and excelled well. Such individuals have practical tips to assist you in preparing a dissertation defense. A professional can be your professor, a former student, or anyone offering academic writing help. However, when you reach out to other people who offer academic help, ensure they are reliable and that they won’t mislead you in any way. 

5. Watch a PhD dissertation defense presentation

Before the presentation day reaches, consider watching a PhD dissertation defense done by other pioneers who have been in the same field before. While watching, you will see how a student stays composed and explains the ideas and different concepts related to the research. Besides, you will get a chance to see how the presenter answers questions asked by the committee members.

6. Discuss with fellow students what is a dissertation defense like

Get into a discussion group with students who are about to resent their dissertation defense as well. Let each student give practical tips they think are viable during the presentation. This move will also help you gain the courage to face the committee of scholars and answer their questions boldly.

7. Embrace practice

Set aside some extra time and assume you are presenting your dissertation defense to a group of scholars. While practicing, stick to your course plan and requirements. You can even consider doing this with fellow students as you correct each other. This tip will also make you courageous enough to face the assignment ahead and be determined to do well.


Preparing for a dissertation defense shouldn’t be a hard nut to crack. After all, you have done a lot in the research and created content. Now, this final part cannot stress you that much. Consider the above tips, and you will give the best dissertation defense.  

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